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Today Makes Tomorrow (TMT) Initiative

TMT is a fund raising initiative for organizations, students, and local charities.  It is an effort to help raise funds for school clubs, extracurricular activities, and class projects.

This initiative is presently under development, but will basically work as follows:

  1. A person registers to participate in the TMT Initiative and is assigned an ID number.
  2. Any number of friends, students, etc. can promote our software to fellow students, or others who may be interested in purchasing K-ware study cards.
  3. The purchaser will enter the ID number of the registered member so credit of a sale will be correctly assigned.
  4. Upon selling a minimum number of programs, the registered person will receive a check on a percentage of the total sales amount.

It is our hope that funds raised will be used for school events, or perhaps a school class project to raise money for a local community charity.

This will initially only be available in the United States and Canada.

If you have an interest, please revisit this site as we progress toward implementing this program.


TMT Initiative