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Anatomy I - Muscle Study Cards

K-ware Anatomy I – Muscle study cards are designed for the graduate student in human anatomy, or those who wish to have an advanced knowledge on muscle function, muscle origin and insertion, and muscle innervation – including segmental innervation.

There are a total of 731 study cards with approximately 240-245 cards in each of three knowledge categories – function, O&I, and innervation.

In addition, there are three nerve plexus charts that are displayed on the full computer screen.  These plexus charts are: brachial, lumbar, and sacral.

As graduate students of human anatomy know, there are slight variations between anatomy textbooks.  This is particularly true with segmental innervation.  To address this issue, the note pad feature allows you to write and save a separate note on each study card.  Although this feature is common to all K-ware study cards, it can be particularly useful in anatomy to note any variation from the particular anatomy textbook you are using.


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