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U.S. State Study Cards

K-ware Geography – U.S. States study cards is a very comprehensive collection of state geography, data, and historical facts.  It includes six knowledge categories: State Flags, Locations, Shapes, Capitals, General Facts, and Historical State Facts.

In addition to 710 study cards, this program has over 270 U.S. and state demographic/data maps that are displayed on the full computer screen.  Many of these colorful maps are from the U.S. Census Department.  Data includes state statistics, population changes, counties, etc.

In the state flag category, each card is a state flag with a full screen, high resolution close-up of the state flag emblem and you are asked to identify the state.  The location category shows a U.S. map with one highlighted state to identify, and the shapes category shows a state shape to identify..

If you wish to study states within a certain region, you can select any of nine regions and only cards in that region will show.


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